Portland Rose Festival 100th Year Celebration- People’s Choice Award Oregon
Association of Artists
OSA 2009 Juried Show-Honorable Mention
OSA 2011 Juried Show-Peoples Choice Award
Matthew’s Gallery ‘competeART 2011’ – Honorable Mention
Multnomah County Fair First Place Award
Juried Member of Portland Art Museum Gallery
Oswego Heritage House
Keizer Iris Festival
Pittock Mansion Annual Christmas Show
Member of Portland Plein Air Painters and Oregon Association of Artists
OSA 2012 Juried Show-First Place
OSA 2013 Juried Show-Third Place







Since winning ‘best of show’ in my kindergarten crayon coloring contest in 1950, I have had a passion for drawing and art.  Most of my early artwork consisted of pencil drawings of figures and old west scenes (barns, trains, horses, etc).  I began painting in the late 80's and was hooked from the start.  I enjoy painting from life and find it to be the greatest challenge, but necessary for continual improvement in my studio work.  It's all fun!  

What gives a painting value?  I believe that every individual makes that judgement regardless of the artist's reputation, fame, or paice of the either speaks to ones senses or it doesn't.  It is truly a universal language.

"My focus and long-term goal is to communicate my message as a representational artist with oil and acrylics. Whenever possible I choose to work as a painter en plein air".

Most of my education about painting has come from the self-study of accomplished artists including Richard Schmid (books and tapes only) and workshops with Illa Guttman, Robert Krogel, William Park, Timothy Thies and Craig Srebnik.

My two cents about art: I believe that art, like music, is a universal language. The artist attempts to convey his message, feeling, spirit… or whatever, using a canvas, brushes and paint. It’s my opinion that each observer has their own set of standards of ‘what excites their interest and imagination’. They may not admit it, but in the privacy of their own mind, they make a value judgment of each picture… regardless of the artist’s reputation, fame, or cost of the piece. It either speaks to them or it doesn’t.

I was born in Nebraska in 1945 and grew up in Colorado.  I graduated from University of Northern Colorado in Greeley and moved to Portland, Oregon in 1968.  My business career took my family and I to Texas for eight years in the 80's and then again back to Portland where I currently hang my hat.